Catering mainly for the mass market, deMarco products are created and manufactured to fit the needs and requirements of modern households. Presented in luxurious looking finishing, deMarco products are designed with aesthetic in mind, without costing any extra or compromising the quality. With the stylish design, deMarco products will be part of your home’s decor as well if not in use.

With a humble beginning of 2 products, deMarco is in the midst of bringing in more quality products to Singapore market. Our overseas manufacturer is also home of some well-known appliances’ brands in Europe and Asia, to which we share the same technology as theirs. This is the reason why we are confident with the quality of our products.

Our Goals

As a newly launched brand in Singapore, deMarco is positioning itself at affordable quality products category. We have no intention to sell in-store FOR NOW as it is part of our efficiency model that allows us to pass on significant savings to our customers. You’ll be able to see deMarco in store as soon as we launch a wider range of products in near future.